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My Electronic Resume`

My Resume`PDF Format

To print my resume` here is a physical/pdf version of my resume`. I have made it using Optimal Resume of which the link is given below (the link will land you on my Resume` page). The attached resume` has been updated until May 2017. I will be updating the resume` soon

Link to Optimal Resume.

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About Me

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Want to Eat? Work, Want to Dream? Work Harder is the Mantra here, Mumbai is a city that lures people from all walks of life from all around the country and the globe, it embraces every new-commer like a mother waiting for her child to return home, the city is a natural bay and its port has been the commercial and trade hub since the british-era in India. I am a proud Mumbaikar who bleeds blue (color of the team India's Jersey) .


The City of Toledo: USA

Toledo is a city in and the county seat of Lucas County, Ohio, United States. The Toledo City. was founded by United States citizens in 1833 on the west bank of the Maumee River, The city's glass industry has earned it the nickname, "The Glass City" (Info.Courtesy: Wikipedia). I am a graduate (honors- Cum Laud) BBA (double majored) in Marketing & E-commerce at the UofToledo i.e. University of Toledo.

my nick name

The Ace of Hearts

Exposed to the world of internet wonders at the age of 12 (yr.2007) I started off with the i.d. mihirs2007, after couple of years, with the social media and gaming sites like orkut and zapak being a trend I came to know a lot of people whom I personally knew and whom I knew only through these sites. My friends in Mumbai would call me Ace and over the time in the digital world to secure my identity from unknown people I started using 'TAOH/The Ace Of Hearts' as my Alias and in the Year 2012 I started LYFE:INFINITY, I name all my projects under this banner.

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